Weakness, Strength and Kindness

One thing that we all seem to have been told at one time or another is that being Kind does not constituent Weakness, Strength does not always come in the form of power and life is anything but simple.

We are the sum of our parts, weather that is our outward skills or in ward understandings of the world, we all bring different things to the table. One of the hardest skills we have to master in this life is how to use our skills to better us, our family and community.

What is Weakness? To me weakness is an inability to act when action is needed, weakness is not doing the right thing when it is presented to you, weakness is not helping someone when you have the ability, skills and time to do so.

Weakness can also be us when we are our most beaten, when this world batters and berates us to the point that taking our own life seems like the most logical option. Weakness is what we are after we have given up. We can become the weakness we try so hard not to show.

Strength can be differnt things, it can be prowess in muscle, it can the ability to stand when everything you know comes crashing down, or it can be as simple as pushing through the moments when you feel the most vulerable.

When we feel our strongest it can also be the time where we are most vulnerable and open to falling, as it can coincide with a new achievement or accomplished goal. Strength is one of the hardest to understand and master, as it comes with other emotions that can and will weaken us.

Kindness, kindness is simple, do what you wish as you wish others to do to you. ALways be willing to offer a hand, open a door and stand with those who are feeling weak and vulnerable, it is also important to stand with those who are falling into the abyss and make sure they have your hand to help them out.

We at any point in our lives can change from one to the other, the one thing to remember is that we can and will change our fate and moods by being wise enough to seek help, strong enough to hold our selves and kind enough to understand everyone can feel weak and need a friend.

*Author’s Note: First draft, more to add as I re-read it*
*Last Edited June 15, 2019*

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