Normal, Odd, and Different

Everyone at someone point in their life wants to be Normal, but it is no easy task as there is no rule book, guides or help sections on how to be normal, or how to act in most situations. A lot of people have trouble being their odd or unique selves because they feel they need to fit into some kind of mold.

The problem with molds:

The problem with trying to fit in to a mold or into a particular set of criteria is that it might cost you, your own self, or identity in the long run. We all strive to fit in and still be ourselves, sometimes that cannot happen.

I am one of those cases where it cannot happen, every time I have tried to be normal I end up in a depression and a self destructive state and it takes a while for me to come out it. I have no reason to try and fit in, aside from my own desire to be considered normal; and I think that is the wrong way to approach life, and to approach ourselves.

One of my old mentors use to say, each person is broken into three; there public self, their home self and their work self. Sometimes you can get a mix of all three but more often then not they are shades or reflections of our larger self which in earnest only exists in our own mind and soul.

The public self, our public image causes us the most stress, and what we need to understand as long as we are kind, friendly and obey society standards for public behavior we have nothing to fear or worry about, if we wish to wear outlandish garb or have a bright colored hair, it maybe talked about, but we must understand, as a part of a culture, that we can and will become a topic of conversation, and as such must remain friendly and open, but most of all approachable to questions and scrutiny.

The best thing to do is dress in normal clothing and find a style that suites you, and does not attract attention you do not want or handle. People can and will be judgmental based on appearances even though they are superficial and biased, humanity has not evolved to a point where we can be completely honest with who we are, at least not yet.

In your private life or home life, you should be able to wear, say and act anyway you feel regardless of opinion, what you are, and what you enjoy should never make you ashamed. There a limits to this, but I will leave that to your imagination.

At work, you should always conduct yourself in a professional manner, but you should still be allowed to let your personality out, as long as it is not rude or insulting of others, be mindful and respectful of other people as you wish them to be of you. You cannot ask to be treated with respect and diginity if you do not return the favour.

If my daily life, I am a unqie person, and my name is actuly both a verb and a adjective for how they describe me. I have my own way of doing things, of thinking and it works for me, I am not afraid of being judged or held at a harsher standard because I act a little off or odd. No one should.

Be yourself, be understanding and most of all, dress as you feel would make you comfortable in public, not happy. We all have our own look, and signature, maybe you need a hand to find yours. But remember, even if you are green and wear a witches hat, you can do that, but be understanding of people, and patient as they learn who you are.

Judgement is human, to be humble is divine.

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