Patience and Me

One of the key stone belifes of Seekers who are here, who have a mortal coil is to learn a lesson or skill that they as a whole entity lack. It would be very apparent that my one thing I have to learn, I have to come to understand is patience.

I am a patient man when it comes to my day to day routine and can wait for certain things to happen, but when it comes to life, when it comes to my own needs and desires I am a very impatience fellow.

I try to rush life to where I feel I should be, try and take short cuts and do anything in my power to expectiate my dreams, but these have always ended in disaster.

You would think that there would be a point, a point where I realised I should just take my time, but that is not the case, it is still something I need to learn.

I have a ghost in my life, and she is adamant that I need to take things slow, and take things gradually, but it is not my nature and I have tried to force issues, and she has backed away from me.

Paitence is a skill, a lesson and a life long endeavour.

*This is an active work in progress and will be edited soon*

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