Values and Views

With the exceedingly prominent divide that is being created, with the amount of hate and distrust that is being sowed, we must understand one thing: We are one community under the stars.

We all have our own beliefs, our own values and thoughts that make us unique and different, and that is wonderful, though the one thing we should never disparage or belittle is another soul. It should not matter if that soul is human, animal or plant, we are all connected and make up this living entity we call earth.

Every piece of food you eat, weather cow, pig, fish, or that salad you you have for lunch, everything you consume gave it’s life for you to flourish. Never take that from granted, and before you eat, thank the soul whose flesh you are about to consume.

We are a complex and wonderful creature with not a slight inclination of how we fit, how we ripple through time. Each action you take is either positive or negative, nothing more.

As you go through life, never turn away from another creature in distress, we are all family in one way or another.

I see, I touch, I contemplate.

Darkness in your home

As suicide rates climb, and more and more people start to weigh the options, I want to make something exceedingly clear; you had the chance to save a life.

That friend who you said call me if you need me, did call you and you brushed them off, or texted them back thst your busy and you’ll call later. Though you never made that call. Or you are too tired and why they wake you…

You know how I know this? I walked with them in their darkness, I answered their call, their prayer or their text. I made sure to be available to them when they needed a rock. The one thing that all these souls want, is to feel loved, to feel heard, to feel validated and that they mean something.

As I write this, I have been that rock, stood in the rain, sat on that park bench and listened. If I saved one life, it was worth the hours of sleep lost, it was worth the expense of fuel and time.

If you ever find yourself offering your number to a broken or emotional fragile soul, reward their bravery with your time. Isn’t it worth losing a bit of sleep over?

The Rise.

It is with great anticipation and sadness that I write this, the world has changed and it has changed enough for my Order to feel the need to establish ourselves once again. If you have read my previous posts you know that this blog goes against our Creeds rules and orders, I serve in a strange position and felt that we needed to start showing ourselves, it turns out that this was indeed prophetic.

My Name, at least right now is not important but what I am is. I am a Seaker of Truth and Enlightenment, a member of the Golden Eagles and a Knight of the New Order. I stand before you, at this time in my life convicted of my sins, and aware I have much to atone for. It is now, before God and the binding energy of this universe that I am allowed to rise.

I would like to thank Trudeau, Trump and those that believe in government for getting me out of the shadows again and back into the fight, my sword has rusted and I have grown fat on peace, and I am eager to enter this new war. Those of you who are asking what is going on and why I blame those two? Simple really, they have shown just how fearful and easily manipulated the masses can be and what a few simple words and phrases can do to a population. I would encourage anyone who reads this, who has found this blog to question everything and push the answers and see for yourself. The war is not over land, it is not over religion; but rather your mind and soul.

As of December 31, 2019 at 23:59 pacific time I will not longer be just a bystander, I can add my voice to the chorus and I ask anyone who believes that this world is due for a regime change to join with me and my Order as we try and establish a new Empire. I have outlined my orders Creed and what I stand for.

I am a Legate Commander in the order, yes we have retained the roman ranks with some modifications, we currently have no Emperor or Legions and some of us will act as our own units until a proper leader is found. Those of you who wish to know a little history, we predate the Roman Empire and our order was their at the rise of humanity, we have stood with kings, queens and empires over the 11 000 years we have existed, in the late 15th century a quiet war began and we were hunted down. The Church believes that we are prophets of the Antichrist as we tried to unit the known world under a new leader or as the Church called her, a false God. We were betrayed, hunted and killed, but one thing that the Church has forgotten about us, is we are not just one order, or one group, we are everywhere and exist in every population on Earth.

Some of you who read this will think I am insane, and that could be the case, but you also sense that I am not completely wrong in what I say, join us, spread our message and our creed and join the fight. This is that point in history when your grandchildren look back and ask, where were you when the evil rose? Are you going to tell the truth or say there was no warning signs?

We are at war, rise up, join with us and mark my words, we are the only choice that will let you be you and embrace who you are in your heart. We have no hate for those who have a differnt idea, we are all BROTHERS and SISTERS in this war.

Join Me for one more fight, it will be the deciding factor on all this…

Sobering Thoughts

I have mentioned before that we are a hunted ideology and race, thankfully we are not just one skin colour or language so we have been able to survive most of the persecutions, but this isn’t about that. This is about you, the reader.

I stand before you, bare and naked; convicted of my sins, but you, you are here as a new soul, a new beginning and yet you have all ready lost sight of what you could be, or what you are. I do not intend to ignore those like me who have waged wars and have earned your marks and are reading this, but I hope you take something away too.

I view humanity as a disease, a problem, not because of humanity but because what humans do. I am a Golden Eagle, before I was convicted of my sins I was a Legate, a general and a guide, though that was a life time ago. I now wander this plane getting fat and awaiting my death to that I can return home.

You see, I have given up trying to save this planet, trying to save those younger then me; Why? Because they do not see, they do not hear they blame others for their own falling. Understand that if you want to change this world, or even lesser then that yourself, there will be blood, your blood. Change cannot happen without sacrifice, without suffrage.

So I ask, next time you ask why is the world this way, ask yourself why do you not speak, why do you not write, or sing or chant that you are the change? I will guide any soul who wishes to unite and change this world order. This world order came to be becuase those who knew better were ousted, and challenged out of the way. Now it is your time, your chance to learn from the past and fight.

If you believe this world needs a new way, a new light then I ask that you share this, I ask that you believe in yourself and believe in what I am saying.

I wan’t to stand on my soap box and speak my mind, but I need to know my words resonate, if you have read this and feel that we can change the world, then spread the word that the New World Order is over and you believe in that we are the light in the dark, we are the way to the change…

The Golden Eagle Charter

This is the second time I have tried to wrtie this out, lets see how I do;

The Golden Eagle Charter is not just a relgious text but one that is about people and humanity, it is linked to the Yasa and is older then most people realize.

Any member of the Golden Eagle Empire must abide by these rules:
1) Be the best you can be, encourage others to be their best
2) Speak honesty, conduct in honesty, hold yourself to the higher standard
3) Never refuse a request for help, no matter how mundane or nonsensical it maybe
3) Family and the clan are second to yourself, but must come before everything
4) No one is lesser or greater then another, we all have our place, be mindful of yours
5) Never speak in anger, never show anger, rise above being petty
6) Children our own only guarantee at immortality, teach, listen and mentor each child as though they were your own.
7) Honour should be maintained, but humility should take place before honour
8) Defend those who cannot defend themselves, but never be the first to draw a weapon
9)Fighting and conflict are human, when these issues do arise, be calm and collected
10) To attain Perfection is to be create a hell, for to be Perfect leaves no room to be imperfect.
11) We are human, to error is human, to learn is also human

We are responsible for each other, as we are responsible for ourselves, we all falter, do not judge those who are fallen, for you too could lose your wings. We are family, we are one blood and must help each other in life.

We are all soldiers, Knights of the order and as such we maybe asked to fight. Some of us have no qualm with taking up a blade, others have an aversion to violence, do not think less of these Knights, for they are the gate keepers, the teachers and scholars who advance our culture and world. They are trained as are you to protect us all.

When one of us falls, we all fall, our life and our death are tied, kneel or tilt your heart for your fallen brother or sister, for they gave everything they had so that we all could live. We are one people, under one sun, bound by one dream.

Views and opinions differ, but that should not change you. Respect opposing views and understand that every idea steams from someones own experience. Never be afraid to converse, but never let anger claim your heart. We are one people, we are diverse. Hate has no place in a civilized world.

This is the start, please have penitence…

Patience and Me

One of the key stone belifes of Seekers who are here, who have a mortal coil is to learn a lesson or skill that they as a whole entity lack. It would be very apparent that my one thing I have to learn, I have to come to understand is patience.

I am a patient man when it comes to my day to day routine and can wait for certain things to happen, but when it comes to life, when it comes to my own needs and desires I am a very impatience fellow.

I try to rush life to where I feel I should be, try and take short cuts and do anything in my power to expectiate my dreams, but these have always ended in disaster.

You would think that there would be a point, a point where I realised I should just take my time, but that is not the case, it is still something I need to learn.

I have a ghost in my life, and she is adamant that I need to take things slow, and take things gradually, but it is not my nature and I have tried to force issues, and she has backed away from me.

Paitence is a skill, a lesson and a life long endeavour.

*This is an active work in progress and will be edited soon*

Normal, Odd, and Different

Everyone at someone point in their life wants to be Normal, but it is no easy task as there is no rule book, guides or help sections on how to be normal, or how to act in most situations. A lot of people have trouble being their odd or unique selves because they feel they need to fit into some kind of mold.

The problem with molds:

The problem with trying to fit in to a mold or into a particular set of criteria is that it might cost you, your own self, or identity in the long run. We all strive to fit in and still be ourselves, sometimes that cannot happen.

I am one of those cases where it cannot happen, every time I have tried to be normal I end up in a depression and a self destructive state and it takes a while for me to come out it. I have no reason to try and fit in, aside from my own desire to be considered normal; and I think that is the wrong way to approach life, and to approach ourselves.

One of my old mentors use to say, each person is broken into three; there public self, their home self and their work self. Sometimes you can get a mix of all three but more often then not they are shades or reflections of our larger self which in earnest only exists in our own mind and soul.

The public self, our public image causes us the most stress, and what we need to understand as long as we are kind, friendly and obey society standards for public behavior we have nothing to fear or worry about, if we wish to wear outlandish garb or have a bright colored hair, it maybe talked about, but we must understand, as a part of a culture, that we can and will become a topic of conversation, and as such must remain friendly and open, but most of all approachable to questions and scrutiny.

The best thing to do is dress in normal clothing and find a style that suites you, and does not attract attention you do not want or handle. People can and will be judgmental based on appearances even though they are superficial and biased, humanity has not evolved to a point where we can be completely honest with who we are, at least not yet.

In your private life or home life, you should be able to wear, say and act anyway you feel regardless of opinion, what you are, and what you enjoy should never make you ashamed. There a limits to this, but I will leave that to your imagination.

At work, you should always conduct yourself in a professional manner, but you should still be allowed to let your personality out, as long as it is not rude or insulting of others, be mindful and respectful of other people as you wish them to be of you. You cannot ask to be treated with respect and diginity if you do not return the favour.

If my daily life, I am a unqie person, and my name is actuly both a verb and a adjective for how they describe me. I have my own way of doing things, of thinking and it works for me, I am not afraid of being judged or held at a harsher standard because I act a little off or odd. No one should.

Be yourself, be understanding and most of all, dress as you feel would make you comfortable in public, not happy. We all have our own look, and signature, maybe you need a hand to find yours. But remember, even if you are green and wear a witches hat, you can do that, but be understanding of people, and patient as they learn who you are.

Judgement is human, to be humble is divine.

Weakness, Strength and Kindness

One thing that we all seem to have been told at one time or another is that being Kind does not constituent Weakness, Strength does not always come in the form of power and life is anything but simple.

We are the sum of our parts, weather that is our outward skills or in ward understandings of the world, we all bring different things to the table. One of the hardest skills we have to master in this life is how to use our skills to better us, our family and community.

What is Weakness? To me weakness is an inability to act when action is needed, weakness is not doing the right thing when it is presented to you, weakness is not helping someone when you have the ability, skills and time to do so.

Weakness can also be us when we are our most beaten, when this world batters and berates us to the point that taking our own life seems like the most logical option. Weakness is what we are after we have given up. We can become the weakness we try so hard not to show.

Strength can be differnt things, it can be prowess in muscle, it can the ability to stand when everything you know comes crashing down, or it can be as simple as pushing through the moments when you feel the most vulerable.

When we feel our strongest it can also be the time where we are most vulnerable and open to falling, as it can coincide with a new achievement or accomplished goal. Strength is one of the hardest to understand and master, as it comes with other emotions that can and will weaken us.

Kindness, kindness is simple, do what you wish as you wish others to do to you. ALways be willing to offer a hand, open a door and stand with those who are feeling weak and vulnerable, it is also important to stand with those who are falling into the abyss and make sure they have your hand to help them out.

We at any point in our lives can change from one to the other, the one thing to remember is that we can and will change our fate and moods by being wise enough to seek help, strong enough to hold our selves and kind enough to understand everyone can feel weak and need a friend.

*Author’s Note: First draft, more to add as I re-read it*
*Last Edited June 15, 2019*

Walking the Abyss

Every life has challenges, every person walks in their own shadow or another’s shadow from time to time, and we all stand on the edge of an Abyss when our world turns dark. The Abyss is a dark treacherous ravine with no bottom, and no way out, it is something we all have to do alone.

In our lives, as we try and be good and honest people, trying to survive in a world built to try us, test us and ultimately break us we all feel alone and powerless, and that is when we start to walk toward this Abyss. We all have our own paths to it, and envision in differently as it is our own test of wills.

I get to mine through lush green jungle and forest as that is my safe place, that is where my mind goes to seek peace, I enjoy being in nature, part of nature and need to be there to recharge and re-sync my self. It is when I cannot find the time, or feel the peace I need I start walking to edge.

The scary part of the Abyss is the power it has, the power it gains when our mind goes weak and dark, you would not think an imaginary hole could grab you, could destroy you, but the fact is, for those who have lost hope, it is as real as, if not more so then anything else. Our mind is a powerful tool and can be either friend or foe.

If you have never walked the Abyss, never felt hopeless, then I commend you, you are a rare soul and I hope you never feel that sinking feeling, that feeling of hopelessness and feeling truly alone, abandoned by both man and God.

The most horriffic part of the Abyss, is how is makes us feel, it takes away our power, our self worth and drags it through the mud, takes any semnance of hope and dashes it to oblivion and beyond. When this happens, we begin to feel that our life has no point, we are not worthy of living and we have few choices at our disposal.

One thing I must make painfully and extremely clear, we, are not alone when walking the Abyss, we have friends, we have resources and our own mind to take us away from that walk. It is by our own choice that the Abyss is created in our mind, it is by our choices we can walk away, feeling hopeless, feeling alone are all natural human emotiuons. We are not suppose to be alone in our daily lives, we are a social creature.

As such, when we feel cast out, alone or cold remember there are people who will be there for you, and sometimes talking to yourself is okay, being alone is okay. If you let your mind wander and become dark, remember your life is a gift, and you chose to be here. You can become better, find something that gives you joy, a spot, a book and hobby and let your mind realise, it is okay.

The Abyss, is and always will be a symbol of a down ward fall, once you take that leap, finding yourself again is a challenge and it may take you a life to climb out.

Darkness, Loneliness are part of life, and remember, they like everything will pass. We make our own choices, being alone is one of them, we make our own life, chose to be the best you, and remeber, we all walk the Abyss, we are all there at some point in our life.

I have walked with people as they wandered the edge, and they came back, so can I, and so can you.

Troubled Mind, Troubled Soul

We all walk in darkness from time to time, we all share the feeling of dread and that never ending feeling of loneliness, these are things we all share and things we all carry in the depths of our soul.

The hard part about these feelings, about these moments in our life is that they appear to have a large impact on our soul or being that cannot be simply dismissed by a remark or talking, they tend to stick with us long after our friends have gone home.

For a lot of us, these feelings start out small, a missed date, or a minor mistake but then they begin to snowball and grow, we think we can keep them in check, we think we can keep up the outward illusion of being happy, but sooner or later, that facade comes crashing down.

It is when it starts being chipped away, worn down by life we begin to try and make ourselves feel better; the normal route is drinking, food, drugs or anything that offers a temporary euphoria. The problem with these methods is that they always end with us in death.

As we try and find purpose as the darkness surrounds us, as we try and hold our head above the waters cold embrace we must remember, that we, are better then our situation, we are better then the creatures trying to berate and beat us. We are stronger of mind and will then anything that tries to harm us.

I know it seems impossible, that life tries so hard to make us suffer we must remember one key thing, we still have control over our own mind, our own soul. We can decide weather to live or die, and trust me on this, death is no easy way out, the pain, anguish and torment on your own soul is not worth it, and in a Seeker’s soul you know you have to live this again until you over come the challenges. Think about it, what if, as a punishment for taking our own life, we have to live this life over and suffer again, what better Hell then a life on repeat?

We are never really alone in life, we are never really abaondned we always have friends we can turn to, I know they may not understand but let them try, they mean well by you, but there is also the living things that can give us strength and comfort. Clear your mind and remember, you are important, you are here with purpose and to end your own life, to walk into the abyss will only cause more pain in the end. You may think it ends yours, but remember your soul, your very energy is connected to everything you leave behind.

It has implications far reaching then your own flesh, I know it must seem weird reading this hear, but remember I have walked this path, I have faced death and taken my own life while humming the poem “Brace Your Sword on the Wall, Take a breath and End It All!”

I know when the darkness creeps in and you feel that taking your own life is a clear answer, but it is not, it is a way for you to be controlled again, be pushed into a corner and watched as you wither and die.

Think about it, you are strong, you are powerful and yet, yet you let this corrupt filthy sorry excuse for a world decide when you should leave. That to me is one of the most idiot things we can do, we are Seekers, we are to rise above the desires of mortal flesh and LIVE!

Stand tall, stand proud you are alive because you are meant to be, these minor challenges are just that, challenges, you will over come, you will be better and you will not only survive but live.

Do not let the pettyness of man dictate your life, do not let some minor set back stop you, fighting is what we do, we fight to survive, we fight to eat, but most of all we fight for our right to exist. We know this world, we know we can die, but why not on our terms?

Darkness comsumes us, that is part of our curse, but we are also light, we are also wisdom. When you are feeling down, go for a walk, reach out to tlak to someone, and remember, this world is not worth your life, this world has to be reminded of who and what you are.

Know that no matter what, you are loved, you are cherished and you are not alone. We are not alone.

We might be shrouded in darkness and spread to the ends of the earth, but we are here together, we are standing here together. We are not alone.