Normal, Odd, and Different

Everyone at someone point in their life wants to be Normal, but it is no easy task as there is no rule book, guides or help sections on how to be normal, or how to act in most situations. A lot of people have trouble being their odd or unique selves because they feel they need to fit into some kind of mold.

The problem with molds:

The problem with trying to fit in to a mold or into a particular set of criteria is that it might cost you, your own self, or identity in the long run. We all strive to fit in and still be ourselves, sometimes that cannot happen.

I am one of those cases where it cannot happen, every time I have tried to be normal I end up in a depression and a self destructive state and it takes a while for me to come out it. I have no reason to try and fit in, aside from my own desire to be considered normal; and I think that is the wrong way to approach life, and to approach ourselves.

One of my old mentors use to say, each person is broken into three; there public self, their home self and their work self. Sometimes you can get a mix of all three but more often then not they are shades or reflections of our larger self which in earnest only exists in our own mind and soul.

The public self, our public image causes us the most stress, and what we need to understand as long as we are kind, friendly and obey society standards for public behavior we have nothing to fear or worry about, if we wish to wear outlandish garb or have a bright colored hair, it maybe talked about, but we must understand, as a part of a culture, that we can and will become a topic of conversation, and as such must remain friendly and open, but most of all approachable to questions and scrutiny.

The best thing to do is dress in normal clothing and find a style that suites you, and does not attract attention you do not want or handle. People can and will be judgmental based on appearances even though they are superficial and biased, humanity has not evolved to a point where we can be completely honest with who we are, at least not yet.

In your private life or home life, you should be able to wear, say and act anyway you feel regardless of opinion, what you are, and what you enjoy should never make you ashamed. There a limits to this, but I will leave that to your imagination.

At work, you should always conduct yourself in a professional manner, but you should still be allowed to let your personality out, as long as it is not rude or insulting of others, be mindful and respectful of other people as you wish them to be of you. You cannot ask to be treated with respect and diginity if you do not return the favour.

If my daily life, I am a unqie person, and my name is actuly both a verb and a adjective for how they describe me. I have my own way of doing things, of thinking and it works for me, I am not afraid of being judged or held at a harsher standard because I act a little off or odd. No one should.

Be yourself, be understanding and most of all, dress as you feel would make you comfortable in public, not happy. We all have our own look, and signature, maybe you need a hand to find yours. But remember, even if you are green and wear a witches hat, you can do that, but be understanding of people, and patient as they learn who you are.

Judgement is human, to be humble is divine.

The Colours and Their Meaning

I have mentioned colours, and I should go into a bit of detail on what they mean and what kind of power they carry. There are 6 colours that we have use to help us define our orders and sects, Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Gold, these are the most used colors and most prominent with the the Seeker family.

Black; Black has a few meanings, the primary one is Truth, a Seeker who choses Black as their primary colour favours facts, figures and truth in everything they do, this can be a problem as they will go out of there way to find lies and expose them, this does not do well in a normal enviroment.

Black is also the colour of death, and can be used to represent the end of something, it can mean a lot of different things depending on if it is on its own or with a complementary color. In my case my colors are black and gold, which means light in the darkness, truth above all else. We chose the colors that best describe our personality and postion in the order, this is generally a subconscious act.

White; White means innocent, curiosity or purity, those that favour white tend to appear to be naive, and innocent of the world around them, they would rather start at a flower or watch a river run and enjoy the moment. White is about enjoying the experiences and being innocent to it. They can even be a bit out to lunch as it were because they don’t appear to understand time and will have the wonder of a child at anything they see, and will go out of there way to see something new, they are attracted to it. White or people that chose white as their dominate colour tend to be a bit aloof.

Blue; blue is about our emotions and how we handle them and view the world, people who chose blue tend to have a vast understanding of their own and other peoples emotional well being and will seem to be able to know how you are feeling. They are very emphatic and aware of the mood around them. They are generally shy quiet people who are easily overwhelmed by others emotions to the point of avoiding human contact. They can also appear to despise conflict of any kind as this can upset there balance. They believe emotions should be embraced and not shut off from the world.

Green; Green is life, it is nature it is the very core of our existence; green is about living things and their connection to us and to the world around us, people who are green will always be surrounded by living things, weather that is plants, pets or people, they need to be connected to them in some way. They will place plant, animal and insect life above that of humans, as they feel people are not as valuable as the ants on the ground. Green people tend to appear self centered and weird, but I can assure you, they are some of the kindess and most genuine of the Seekers.

Red; Red is about passion, Reds can sometimes be very flamboyant, unpredictable and loud as they do not do anything without reason, purpose or strength.

Gold; gold is about light, about hope, those that favour gold tend to be very optimistic, very energized to bring change to bad situations and generally will keep the flames burning long after others have given up, they belive that no matter what, there is always hope, always reason to continue. They will fight to the death to remind people that there is always a way, always a will to survive. The are the embodyment and personification of Keep Moving Forward. Even when black, bloodied and injured, approaching death, they will still smile for there is still hope. Never Give Up.

These are just some of the colors and these are the colors that I see on a regular basis, there are more but those are far more detailed and will take a lot more time to break them down.

Author’s Note: These are live entries and will be changed and edited as I complete each section.

What are We?

I am often asked what a Seeker is, why I chose that title, and what do I hope to accomplish in my life.

First and foremost, we are all Seekers of something, I am a Seeker of Truth and Enlightenment and as I stated before my colors are black and gold. I am a finder of ways and teacher of those who seek wisdom. I have even been known to walk the abys and save wayward souls from their own hands.

Seekers have some type of natural sixth sence that they are born with, most are not encouraged to develop it as it can be a little unerving and strange. As a child I seemed to have a connection to animals, I even had a moth as a friend… My dad thought that it was so weird that I could communicate with an insect, he killed it, and told me he flew away.

Parents tend to have a tough time understanding children who carry the soul of a Seeker, we have knowledge, wisdom and gifts that are beyond our years and are often thought to be sick or mentally ill.

One of the most common ‘cures’ of our ailment is suppression of our emotional and spiritual connection to the world, we are told that it is not normal, not okay and that if we wish to be normal, make friends and grow up we must conform to the rules, this leads to a high rate of suicide from Seekers, we make up about 30 percent of all teen suicides. We are also more prone to drugs and alcohol and pot in particular has a high rate of creating schizophrenic people, it allows the mind to actually split into different parts and each one becomes separate entity wanting control of the flesh, despite knowing that they are one person. They try and be all the people that they needed to be to survive. We are very rarely left to develop normally. We are forced to change.

One of my gifts is my ability to know and feel certain things about people, I know what people are hiding, I can see their souls, and can figure out a person, generally at a glance I know where I stand. This can be unnerving, but in a sales job, or as a councilor it makes you more aware and perceptive of who you are dealing with.

It also appears that I can predict the future, but this is only true with the events are strong enough to pull on the energy of the world and cause it to shift, we are but a drop on a pond, and we can occasionally feel the ripples of other drops.

We are mortal, yet we know we are not, we know we have lives before this one, and that we have people we are connected to through out time, my daughter for instance, she was one of us before, and she will be again, she will stand with me as my child, and as my student as she finds her gifts and place once again. We are more then just simple bio machines.

I understand that this might seem a bit rambling, and disjointed, but everything here needs to be said, and I feel it needs to be said to add to this text. You see, one of the things that being a Seeker entails is understanding that sometimes, what you feel you have to do, or need to do something that defies explanation, A blind lead of faith if you will to better understand the bigger picture.

I am a Seeker, I am here to teach, guide and help those who are lost on their path, and if you feel these words resonate with you, then perhaps you should take a look inside your self. Mediation, can and always has been a gateway into your mind, but remember, sometimes you meet parts of your inner self that scare you, that is OK, so long as they do not consume you.

As I stated in the page before, we are Dark and Light, Good and Evil, Kindness and cruelty all in one, it is up to us to keep our perceptions and our values in the forefront of our daily actions, to always strive to be better, stronger and faster then we were yesterday.

Knowledge is power, read, teach, learn and improve each and everyday you are here, these are skills and value that we cannot comprehend today, but maybe invaluable tomorrow.

As such, this concludes my writings of today, as always, be mindful and perceptive of your own reflections.